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The Brief



This was a very complicated but fun banner build for what turned out to be a very short-lived programme - Celeb Air. A reality show set on an airline; what could possibly go wrong? I never watched the show, so can't personally vouch for its quality, but considering it only ran for one series, you can take a guess as to how good it was.


For the creative itself, the underlying idea was to get across the prima donna aspects of the celebrity persona, and transplant those into an in-flight situation. The vehicle for this was to deliver the copy on a TV screen in the back of a plane seat - complete with fuzzy gridlines and some AfterEffects techniques when switching it on - before switching perspective and showing an off-screen celebrity pitching a hissy fit from the First Class cabin.

The build was actually pretty complicated in order to get across the narrative, and required a lot of illustration time so I could get my assets just right, including a little bear and pilot's cap in the final frame. I also wanted to get across an infographic treatment in the visuals for the announcement on the TV screen. As mentioned above, I used AfterEffects in conjunction with Flash for this banner in the form of the fuzzy powering on of the TV and the screen wipe.

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Final Celeb Air banner, viewable only with Flash Player.