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The Brief

Trion Worlds


The second project I was booked for at Ichi, after my work on Coven Kill, was an advertising campaign for upcoming MMO/SyFy channel programme Defiance. This was a meticulously detailed project, with a number of standard (40kb) executions across four different territories, comprising of various PEGI logos and pack shots and alternate rotations.


This project was all about squeezing every last kilobyte out of the afforded 40kb maximum; a difficult challenge when the design called for full-bleed imagery, various age rating logos, a bespoke logo and lastly, a pack shot of the game itself. Optimisation in Photoshop was key, but so too was the masking in Flash to allow the animation of the 'Arkfalls' (the comet-type projectiles in the background) to disappear behind the main characters. I needed to use a mask because using several transparent PNG layers for the characters and the background was simply too heavy in terms of file size, thus facilitating the need for just one compressed JPG and meticulous masking around the characters.

Visual flourish was added to the copy in order to add more life to the execution, achieved with judicious use of Flash filters and quick scaling, and all age rating logos were imported as vectors to save file size in those areas. All told, I was pleased with the results, considering the extremely small file size restrictions. This campaign also comprised of leaderboard and skyscraper executions in a number of languages, but the UK MPU is the only version shown here.

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