Britannia High

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The Brief



Brittania High was a short-lived musical series for ITV; a teen drama programme designed to ride the wave created by the High School Musical craze.

The show revolved around the trials and tribulations of six talented performers, each sporting wildly different personalities. I was tasked in creating two executions - a leaderboard and MPU - to advertise the pilot transmission date, both of which were to include video clips from the series. The MPU is shown on this page. However, the videos have been removed in the interests of load times and bandwidth.


This was a complex build, but a fun one. Creating the myriad of assets and animation styles for each rollover was the main bulk of the creative work, but the implementation with media server Eyeblaster was also its own challenge. I was also responsible for the design and creation of a number of Bebo skins which adorned each character's fictional page on the social networking platform.

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