Graphic Designer. Flash Animator. UI Artist. Occasional writer. Videogame nerd. Burger fiend.

Ashley Browning is a designer and animator based in the South-East of England, who occasionally deems it a necessary evil to talk in a third-person perspective. He likes to work on interesting games, websites and advertising work, so please drop him a line if you are in need of a UI/Web/Flash designer. He also makes a mean cup of tea.
Coming Soon Teemo Scouts Europe League Of Legends Microsite London Transport Museum
Hansel & Gretel: Coven Kill SaySay Girls Defiance Advertising Full English Pitch
Playlist Squirrel Captain America Britannia High Pixelface
#ShareTakeCare Radio 1 Pitch Videogame Minimalism PS Home Navigator
The Thrill Electric Sweatshop Headcases Benidorm
Chris Moyles' Hackney Dash Andy's Wild Adventures Celeb Air The FA Cup
Barclays Advertising Vodafone Advertising Home Icons Beaver Falls
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