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The Brief



During my time at Littleloud, we pitched for a game tie-in tender for a new programme on E4 called Full English, an animated Family Guy-style comedy with an English twist (as hinted at in the title).

Our response to the tender was a point-and-click adventure game, in the style of the Monkey Island series, but pushed to the limits in terms of adult content. We also suggested that moral choices would be interjected to this formula that would help flesh out the the personalities in the family, one of the key requirements of the brief. These moral choices would be collated across all playthroughs, and would give real-time feedback as to the percentage of players who chose each option.


My role on the pitch was to bring the visual mockups together and create the proposed user interface. Character and background artwork was supplied by E4, so we simply had to create our point-and-click scenes from that. The UI style I chose was very bold, crisp and cartoon-y, to match the tone of the show, employing lots of irregular angles and flat colour. To compliment this, I used a chunky, fun typeface called Lobster Hand.

In the show, the Grandad has a huge, blimp-like imaginary friend called Squidge. We decided that he would be an excellent vehicle for dispensing tips to players who got stuck in the game. So I designed an interface where Squidge would "talk" to the players, at the expense of more and more points depending on how many extra clues you needed.

An example of dialogue between characters.

More dialogue, this time hinting at the player's next objective.

The 'Ask Squidge' pop-up, with various unlockable hints.

Detailing the picking up of a key object.

The moral choice interlude, with Facebook friends' choices shown also.