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London Transport Museum

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The Brief

London Transport Museum


Games company and previous employer Littleloud brought me in to help out on a new project for London Transport Museum, named Next City, which highlights the ways in which data can be used to shape the future of urban traffic.

Litteloud were commissioned to create illustrations and animations to run across a number of screens as part of a new permanent exhibit at the museum. Part of that exhibit is an interactive, touch-screen kiosk which enables visitors to quickly grasp the key principles behind the Next City idea, the design and animation of which I was responsible for.


The design challenge primarily consisted of a number of simple sliders and then animated sections portraying the results of those slider choices, all to be housed within a single touch-screen interface. The awkward, odd number of sliders and sections (five) necessitated a number of exploratory approaches in the development phase in order to find a coherent, balanced solution - one in which the information was displayed clearly and with clarity.

The design that emerged worked well with the gauge straddling both sides of the screen, allowing the central figure and key slider to sit comfortably in the middle of the panel whilst allowing the other sliders and animated scenes space to breathe. With the illustration style already established, it was my task to ensure that the design elements sat well within the bold, bright aesthetic that had already been developed, and also to animate the various 'results' panels in keeping with the larger animation that Littleloud were developing, which can be seen online here.

Early approaches to the layout challenge.

The layout we settled on, before content was added.

Illustrations and graphics added to each 'output' section.

Illustration backgrounds removed to allow better cohesion.

Final design, with muted sliders, better depth embellishments and final illustrations.