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The Brief

BBC Radio 1


The very definition of a fast-turnaround project.

The very definition of a fast-turnaround project, this slick little game for Radio 1 was Littleloud's first in a multi-project deal with the BBC, and was launched in conjunction with Internet Privacy Day. The game tasks players with approving or deleting various status updates from Radio 1 and Radio 1 Xtra DJs.

Post something inflammatory to the DJ's wall, and their Reputation takes a big hit. Players aim to get their Reputation as high as possible and can share their best scores via Facebook and Twitter. The BBC provided us with some witty statuses and a few behind-the-scenes shots of the DJs involved in the Radio 1 offices, and we did the rest.


I was responsible for all the visuals and animation for this game. The client was keen on a slapstick approach, and I carried this across all button styles, typeface selection and DJ treatments.

The spotlight treatments and additional impact animations emphasise the celebrity status of the DJs whilst also giving pleasing feedback to the player. From initial mock-ups to the final build, this game was completed in around 8 days.

The title screen.

Choose your DJ.

Each DJ is characterised by their own colour and rollover anim.

In-game screen. Would you approve this status?

"Social Networking Genius." I knew it.