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Teemo Scouts Europe

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The Brief

Riot Games


Following the success of a League Of Legends microsite for Gamescom 2013, Riot Games again hired me to be the designer for another standalone website based on their flagship franchise, this time focused entirely on one of the most popular characters from League Of Legends - Teemo.

The brief was to revolve around Teemo 'scouting' the world, with each territory providing their own digital response to this concept. Scouting is a term in the game for exploring previously hidden portions of the map and revealing them to the other players. This was used as the basis for a Teemo statue, complete with a GPS tracker and transported via various Riot volunteers, to be sent across Europe to take in as many landmarks as possible, be cheered on by his travels and be the centrepiece of a number of player-engagement events run by Riot Games in order to srengthen their ties with the fanbase.

Teemo Scouts Europe is the Google Maps mashup site that was born from this concept - a place to track the mileage that Teemo has travelled around Europe, the sights he has taken in along the way, and the various messages of support sent in from his fans.


At the very outset of the project, finding an aesthetic that was functional, tied into the League Of Legends overarching brand and yet still feeling quintessentially 'Teemo' was the main challenge with the early development. Graphical styles and colour palettes changed constantly while we searched for a look and feel that ticked all of these boxes. At first, a clean approach was used, which was then cycled through a photorealistic 'wood-y' UI, before developing further into an interface based on Teemo's iconic scrolls and maps. To begin with, this was expressed with a stylised representation of paper, which then slowly grew to include further embellishments to tie it back into a fantasy style.

Early development of a number of styles for Teemo Scouts Europe.

A set of final designs handed over to the developer.