Videogame Minimalism

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The Brief


2010's surprising how easily our brains can identify these iconic Street Fighter characters in their ultimate abstract form...

Meagan Marie, Game Informer

When I'm not busy designing or animating, I like to kick back with my hobby, the playing of videogames. Such is my passion for the industry that I set up my own videogames website,, and began designing a range of illustrations based on popular videogame characters as a sideline to the site.

Due to their pared-down nature, I dubbed them Videogame Minimalism pieces and they saw a fair bit of publicity - being featured on big videogames' portals like Kotaku and Gameinformer. Capcom even got in touch with me to buy four of the Street Fighter designs to use as promotional pre-order items for their release of Super Street Fighter IV.

A follow-up piece, Street Fighter - Abstract Edition, absolutely exploded across the internet hitting over 80k views on its Flickr page, spawning an enormous thread on the Something Awful forums, and even 'inspiring' some Lego print advertisements. All for a piece that took fifteen minutes to execute...


The initial Videogame Minimalism pieces were simply created by drawing abstracted facial features in Illustrator and then duplicated and flipped to provide a sense of symmetry where needed. The .ai files were then imported into Photoshop, where some vignetting was applied. The Mega Man series were a little more involved, but were still simple to create, incorporating layering of different face and helmet elements in Illustrator to create a finished visual.

Street Fighter - Abstract Edition. My fifteen minutes of fame on the internet.

All the bosses from Mega Man 1-4.