Andy's Wild Adventures

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The Brief



We pitched some ideas to the BBC for an online accompaniment to their upcoming CBBC show, 'Andy's Wild Adventures.' In the pilot footage we used for reference, Andy uses a clever little contraption on his wrist in order to find out all about the environment around him. It was this gizmo that formed the basis of our tender - albeit rendering the screen of the device with a different aesthetic approach than the one used in the programme.

Despite our preceding high-profile successful projects for CBBC, we sadly failed to win the pitch, but I was still very happy with the quality of the visuals we included in our proposal.


With the target audience firmly in mind, I came up with a solution rich in playful interface elements, incorporating chunky typefaces and irregular shapes, and giving everything a tactile feel with judicious use of some quality textures.

I also recreated the gizmo Andy has strapped around his arm in Photoshop, producing a faithful representation; apart from using our friendlier UI execution on the screen to replace the rather dry silhouetted shapes against a blue background in the pilot, which may well have been placeholder graphics.

Visual for the environment screen, where Andy introduces the area.

An example of one of the simple mini-games, an animal print match up.

The screen of Andy's gizmo, where players can access a wealth of additional info.