Chris Moyles' Hackney Dash

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The Brief

BBC Radio 1


"Really love it... and other stakeholders who've played it love it as well, so well done!!"

Alistair Parrington - BBC

The second game in Littleloud's partnership with Radio 1 (the first being #ShareTakeCare) was a tie-in game to promote the Hackney Weekend.

Our idea was simple - Chris Moyles (and the other Radio 1 DJs) are late in getting to the festival, so it's up to the player to get them there. How? By flying them through the skies of London, picking up musical notes to keep the fuel gauge topped up and the DJ on track - that's how. Realism, this ain't.

After utilising a cut-out photograph aesthetic for #ShareTakeCare, the client wanted a fresh approach, and Littleloud once again enlisted the talents of Army Of Trolls (after a successful partnership on Sweatshop) to provide vector illustration for the project. Heavily plugged on Radio 1 itself in the lead up to the Hackney Weekend festival, even the DJs got in on the act - Chris Moyles tweeted his score just after the launch of the game.


I had heavy involvement throughout the project. My main role was as lead animator, tasked with bringing the illustrations to life. Each DJ had a range of poses to animate, from the in-game flying animations, through ecstatic dancing animations, to dejected crying animations. I also animated all the in-game obstacles and the intro scene which sees your chosen DJ trot up to the roof of the Radio 1 building and sit down in the ejector seat. Adding jetpacks and smoke to the seat was a personal touch that I really enjoyed animating.

I was also heavily involved in the UI design for the project, by directing and working closely with my Junior Designer, who was responsible for the actual HUD and menu screens. I also brought the separate illustrated environment assets into a set of coherent, looping background plates.

An incredibly fun project to work on all round.

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A range of character animations for Chris Moyles.