The FA Cup

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The Brief



This MPU was designed and built by me to advertise ITV's recent (at the time) acquisition of a license to screen F.A. Cup fixtures. The creative revolved around the theme of the competition being a great leveller; where a team attracting a crowd of 75k+ spectators each week could still be matched, and beaten, by a team that mustered less than 10k.


As you can see from the final execution, practically every letter of the MPU was animated by hand - a process that I was scared of doing throughout the project because of the likelihood of last minute copy changes! Luckily, the client saw fit to sign off the copy early and then leave it well alone, giving me free reign to animate the text to my heart's content.

Elsewhere in the execution, I added in some basic Actionscript in order to simulate rain in the opening frame - a nod to waterlogged F.A. Cup third-round ties on a cold January evening. The floodlight effects in the opening frame were a tricky touch to implement, requiring the copy line to have shadows rendered in various different directions by hand.

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